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To whom it may concern:

First, I didn't want there to be another year between my Journals again. I guess I'm profiling as a non-journal guy, but I thought I'd still use this medium to say a few things.

1st thing - hi! :)

2nd thing - I came across this neat idea of a photography mentorship project here on dA where a person willing to learn and a person willing to teach hook up and work together, possibly become friends, but even more, maybe even get to win a 3 month premium subscription each. So, I know most of the people who watch me here are probably mentor material, but if you like this idea (or just want to find out more) or if you see yourself in either one of these positions (mentor/trainee), please check the following link out: thephotographyunion.deviantart…

I liked the idea and applied to be a mentor there in hopes of meeting a new friend and developing both mine and their skills and knowledge. Anyway, if this journal is read by just one person who goes to check the link, I think it was worth coming out of hiding after 9 months :)

Hope to see you there!
Well... over a year after I wrote my first and only journal entry, I figured I should maybe make a new one... Ok, see ya around, bye!

No, just kidding :) Of course I wasn't able to keep up with the tempo of my 1 photo per day idea, but I'd like to think photography made me a better person in the meantime... I got to see a lot of nice places, made some money off of it and got to know some nice fun new people. What more can a person ask for from a hobby?

Thanks for watching me everyone!
Well, I picked this thing up from a friend of mine... see, you find a thing you like doing and you have to do it every day. You can't skip a single day... so, I chose the following - I commit to create one good photo each day - and I'll try to post them here equally often. We can all follow how badly I'm doing and laugh at me (until I make some progress and get rich photographing for a living :P muhahah). Of course, today doesn't count cos I just got my camera today soooo... see ya tomorrow :)